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Camellia Show in Lake Maggiore


Hours: Saturday 24/3 from 10.30 (opening) at 19, Sunday 25/3 from 9.30 to 19
Location: Villa Giulia (Course Zanitello 8) - Free admission
Info: Tourist Office Municipality of Verbania Tel 0323 503249

Hours: Saturday 24/3 from 11.30 (opening) at 19, Sunday 25/3 from 10 to 19.
Location: Arch Hall Peter Carmine zone Lido
Free admission. Info: Tel 0323 788943 Pro Loco -

On 24 and 25 March will be held the 46th National Exhibition of the Camellia Verbania, Italy in the first event dedicated to this flower. The event is combined, in the promotion, the exhibition of camellia Cannero Riviera (approx. 15 km from Verbania) scheduled on the same dates. A unique opportunity to spend one or more days on Lake Maggiore, the first weekend of spring, admiring the camellias "queens of the Lake" and blooms in the beautiful botanical gardens, which reopened its doors after the winter closure. Nearly 20 000 visitors were two exhibitions in the edition of 2011.

The 46 th National Exhibition of the Camellia Verbania takes place in the beautiful setting of Villa Giulia, built in 1847 by Bernardino Branca, inventor of Fernet and is organized by the group "Flowers Typical of Lake Maggiore and the Biella": 120 companies specializing in the cultivation of camellias , azaleas, rhododendrons and other plants. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote knowledge and culture of the camellia.

The program provides exposure to 300 varieties of camellias and rare and unusual floral arrangements, exhibition of camellias by the flower; store of books and floral fragrances to the camellia; exhibition of paintings dedicated to nature, tasting tea which arises from the camellia sinensis leaves by the Garden Club Verbania (16 hours). The exhibition will be presented the book "Ancient camellias, parks and gardens of Lake Maggiore" of Peter Hillebrand and Gianbattista Bertolazzi (Saturday, March 24 15:30 ). The full release of search and recognition of camellias and the 800 comes in addition to 315 varieties of the first book, 170 new to this, creating a unique work.
For cameliofili ... even at the table of the restaurant Villa Giulia offers a theme dinner with rice flower to the camellia and other goodies Saturday, March 24 from 19.30 (Reservations Tel 3923330826)

Do not miss the tours led by experts with extraordinary collections of camellias in the Lake Maggiore
- Villa San Remigio Saturday, March 24th 10:30 am - March 25 15.00/Domenica 10.30 - 14.00 - 15.30. Meeting at the entrance in Via San Remigio. Free entrance and guided tour.
- Villa Taranto Saturday, March 24 14.30.Ingresso hour guided tour offered by the body.
- Villa Rings Saturday, March 24 - March 25 14.30/Domenica hours - 10:30 hours. Meeting at the Villa, opposite the Hotel Bel Living Caremoli Avenue, 20.Ingresso and free guided tour.
- Isola Madre Sunday, March 25 10:00 am. Meeting lakefront of Pallanza (boarding speedboats). Guided by the Garden Club Verbania powerboat cost A / R and input Island Euro 11.
Visits are by appointment only: Tel 0323/503249. Inputs and guided tours of approx. Half an hour and are free except for Isola Madre: Euro 11 including transfer A / R by speedboat.

The program shows the camellia Verbania no shortage of opportunities to participate in learning activities. Children between 5 and 12 years (24 and 25 from 15 to 17 free participation) proposes expert John Durelli the workshop "The grass do" to learn about the herbs of the meadows. In addition, children will love to do the gardeners making cuttings of camellia to take home.

For adults Sergio Albani, an influential teacher of Fruit Carving (small sculptures and carvings of fruit and vegetables), organizes Sunday, March 25 (10-12/15-17) two introductory taster to create flowers and natural elements to use to decorate your table , plates or display cases. The material (fruits and vegetables and work tools) is provided by the organization. The works can be collected by students from 19 at the conclusion of the exhibition of the camellia. The course is free of charge. Info and booking cell. 329 8552171 - (section shows camellia spring).
The exhibition of camellia flowers Verbania is made by the Consortium Typical Lake Maggiore and the Biella in collaboration with the Municipality of Verbania, Piemonte Region, Province and Chamber of Commerce of the VCO, VCO Community Foundation, the Italian Society of Camelia, Training VCO, Verbania Garden Club and Alberti, Acqua di Stresa, FIRRVE, Green Garden, Friends of Art.

The exhibition of camellia Cannero Riviera, a picturesque town on Lake Maggiore, presents a rich display of camellias in a space decorated with period furniture. And 'possible to buy plants, books and cosmetics to the camellia flower theme. Impressive program of excursions on a walk in the forest of camellias and Cheggio Oggiogno (24 and 25/3 hrs 14), a charming village with 896 villas and beautiful gardens with old varieties of camellias, and the little cruise around the Castles Cannero (24 and 25/3 14.30.).

A Cannero Riviera in 1965, the Lombard industrialist Antonio Sevesi founded the Italian Society of Camelia. A group of experts knowledgeable botanists and horticulturalists reintroduced the Lake Maggiore in Italy the cultivation of camellias and thus began an intense work of nomenclature - still ongoing - and the import of old and new varieties of camellias from around the world.

The Exhibition of the Camellia Cannero Riviera is sponsored by Pro Loco Cannero Riviera under the patronage of the Italian Society of Camelia, UNPLI, City of Cannero Riviera, South Mountain Community Verbano.

The camellia, beautiful flower native to China and Japan for over 150 years has found its natural habitat on Lake Maggiore, due to the acidity of the soil and favorable climatic conditions. Lake Maggiore is the place where, at the European level, there is a greater specialization in the cultivation of camellias. With a production of 5 million trees, camellias are sold, mainly in northern Europe: 1,200,000 units with a turnover of 10 million euros.
Fans and collectors from all over the world to visit the splendid collections of camellias in the parks kept open to the public of Villa Taranto, Isola Bella, Isola Madre, but rare and unusual attractions include the lush gardens of private houses in the area.
The high quality of flower production, valued in markets across Europe, has allowed the plants to obtain the label "Local Flowers of Lake Maggiore and the Biella" that proves the origin and provenance. Thanks to its flowering in the winter months, the camellia of Lake Maggiore is the official flower of prestigious sports events: the Winter Olympics in Turin 2006 to 2011 and 2012 editions of the legendary Marcialonga until the next World Cup Fiemme 2013.

Trivia 'on camellias
And 'rich history of fascinating curiosities of camellia named after the Jesuit missionary George Joseph Kamel, who lived between 1661 and 1704. Originally from Japan, China, Southeast Asia and surrounding areas of Indochina, in ancient times the camellia, thanks to its characteristic of living hundreds of years, was considered a symbol of immortality is still planted in the gardens of Buddhist temples.
The first camellia arrived in Italy in 1760 in the garden of the Palace of Caserta with the friendship of Lord Nelson with the English ambassador Sir Hamilton. In France it was grown in the garden at Malmaison at the request of Josephine, wife of Napoleon I. In Europe in the nineteenth century became the rage and the ladies of high society (but also men) used the camellia as an ornament of their clothes. This flower also crossed the threshold of the literature published in 1848 that Alexandre Dumas' La Dame aux camelias ", taken from Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata (1853). Coming to more recent times, Coco Chanel will choose this flower as a symbol of his prestigious fashion house.
In the language of flowers, the camellia is synonymous of perfect beauty and superiority not performed, if a gift is a token of esteem. 



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