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National Park of Val Grande on Lake Maggiore-Piedmont-Italy


The National Park of Val Grande, located in the upper section of Lake Maggiore, is one of the most beautiful of Italy, maybe not as famous as other parks in the territory, but it’s certain that within its boundaries, thanks to the fact that it’s a wild area, there is a remarkable if not impressing variety of species, some of which very rare, on flora and fauna.

It is for its morphological features, that it is suggested to rely of expert guides in order to engage in excursions, often offered free of charge by the Park's local government that can be reached by phone at: 0323-557960


Its name says a lot about this park (Grande meaning Big in Italian) of 12,000 hectares, surrounded by fifteen small villages, located in several valleys that outline its territory.

Its interior is today still wild and uncontaminated, thanks to the help of natural guardians such as the mountains surrounding it, harsh and impenetrable, as to protect the park. Beech, chestnut, pine tree, poplar forests coat the mountain sides, the rare badger can be found and climbing up towards the tops the forests lave space to green pastures and fields. It is possible to admire rare plants such as the alpine tulip, the white rododendro, alpine aquilegia. The fauna is not less interesting with many rare species such as deer, buffs, weasels, foxes, badgers, vipers, groundhog, wild roosters, and the Fario trout, master of the pure and clear streams that run down the park, and to finish the queen of the park, the eagle.


Looking today at Val Grande, so strict and severe, we understand the meaning of "force of nature", and is difficult to imagine it about half a century ago, populated by small villages, its interior busy with logging activities, and the log commerce down the streams and rivers. Nothing of it is now existing, except for a few ruins here and there to testify its past. Mother Nature has taken over and for once she has won a battle and seems like nothing can stop her.Lake Maggiore accommodation




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