lago maggiore: case vacanza, cultura, gastronomia [veduta del lago]

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The street, Highway, railway connections

and airports in order to arrive on the Lake Maggiore (Piedmont-Italy)


Il Lago Maggiore si trova in Piemonte



A8Milan - Lakes

(to Castelletto Ticino connection with A26) A26 Genoa-Gravellona Toce

The highway escapes of the Lake Maggiore including:

Arona (low Lake Maggiore)

Meina (High Vergante)

Brovello Carpugnino (High Vergante) Baveno-Stresa (medium Lake Maggiore)

Gravellona Toce (High Lake Maggiore)

Joints to Gravellona Toce the highway becomes continuous superhighway and

until to Switzerland, along drawn its finds all the escapes for the Ossola Valley



Big roads

SS32 Ticinese

SS 33 Sempione

SS 229 Orta Lake



All the lake Maggiore is very served from the railway line.

The draft is Milan - Switzerland and in every towns of the coast, until the station of Verbania,

is present stopped railway Service



Airport of Linate (Milan) distance from the Lake Maggiore km.80

Airport of Malpensa (town of Somma Lombardo (VA) distance from the Lake Maggiore km.20



Pirazzi Bus 0322-58003

Nerini Bus 0323-401526



The navigation of the Lake Maggiore is served very good, services of line boats, ferry boat, ferries,

diurnal and nocturnal cruises.


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