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Antique italian recipes


Pennette all’Ossolana (Small penne pasta Ossola style)



400 grams of penne pasta

3 potatoes

100 grams of bacon

1 onion

50 grams of butter

200 grams of toma ( typical cheese of the Ossola Valley)

Salt and pepper


Peel and wash the potatoes, chop into small cubes.

In a pan fry the butter with chopped onion and bacon chop into small cubes.

In a pot boil the water, salt and add the potatoes cubes and boil for 15 minutes after add the penne pasta.

Once the pasta is cooked drain it and pour it in the pan where you had previously fried the butter, onions and bacon and saut for a few minutes adding then the toma cheese chopped into small cubes and saut a few more minutes, add pepper, cover a minute and serve.





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