lago maggiore: case vacanza, cultura, gastronomia [veduta del lago]




Brissago (Switzerland)


Brissago is the first town in Switzerland on the Piedmont coast of the lake.

A few kilometres before Locarno and after Cannobio (Italy) there is the border with Switzerland.

Facing Lake Maggiore, Brissago offers itineraries on the lake, it has a beach with swimming pool, and children playground, as well as mountains tours from which it is possible to reach the Corona dei Pinci, the Pizzo Leone, and the Ghiridone.

The mild and temperate climate of the Lake Maggiore, opposed by the near Alps, has made it possible for interesting species of plants to develop, such as the ones present in the “Bosco Sacro” (Sacred Forest)

Brissago is also known for the “Tobacco Factory” founded in the 800 and of the botanical gardens of the “Isles of Brissago” where over 1500 species of plants are grown.


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