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The Fortress Borromea di Arona

(Rocca di Arona Lake Maggiore)


The Italian Fortress of Lake Maggiore called Fortress of Arona was once theatre of many battles, especially during the Napoleonic Wars. It dominates the lake from the cliffs above the town of Arona offering to the visitor an ancient feeling.

The remainings of the fortress testifies its strategic position and importance of its location and of the many battles that took place to take control of it. It was destroyed by medieval battles with the rival Fortress of Angera located across the lake wich can still be viewed in all its spendour from the site. The final stroke was given by the Napoleonic ordes in the XIX century.

It has now become a public park, ideal for children, nicely cured, with some small animal like ducks and gooses, peacock. From its top is possible to have a nice view of the city of Arona and its surroundings, and the opposite coast of Lombardia where its possible to admire the sheer cliffs of the Fortress of Angera.


How to get there

Highway A8Milan - Lakes

Continue on A26 direction Gravellona Toce.

Exit Arona Town



The view

rocca di arona.jpg

The Fortress




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