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Lake Maggiore:Fishermen Island

(Isola Pescatori Lago Maggiore)


The little Fishermen Island (Isola Pescatori) is in the town Stresa and is inhabited since the XVI century is practically a small village of fishermen on an island. Once called Superior Island is very characteristic and colorful with its small streets reminding of old times. It is still inhabited by local fishermen.

During winter the island is often wrapped by the early morning fog and the small bell tower of the church of Saint Vittore seems to want to be a beacon for the boats.

The Fishermen Island is the ideal place to stop to have a meal to savour some of the many culinary delights of the lake in one of the numerous restaurants located in the typical streets that mantain their ancient characteristics.


Hour and period opening visits:

Period:from 27 March to 24 October.from March to September 9,00-12,00/13,30-17,30 October:9,00-12,00/13,30-17,00

Office Information:Beautiful Island 0323-30556

Milano Tel.02-86452748

Fax 02-72010038

Island Mother 0323-31261


Isola Pescatori Lago Maggiore




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