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Baveno Lake Maggiore

Town of Baveno (Lake Maggiore)


Following the coast of Lake Maggiore, after Stresa, proceeding toward Switzerland, we find Baveno, 205 m above sea level.

The 19 June is the celebration of the town saint, Saint Gervasio and Protasio.

Baveno is no doubt a very ancient town, as it is its administrative division Feriolo, proved by the roman inscription on the facade of the parish church, built in the twelfth century, with pink granite skillfully chiseled by the stone cutter of Oltrefiume.

This pink granite comes from Baveno, the quarry of Candoglia.

This granite was used to built the Dome of Milan.


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Imbarcadero di Baveno


Imbarcadero Baveno in stile Liberty-Art Nouveau


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